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Web & Brand Development


Sound Cartel Studios
29th December 2020
Detroit, Michigan
UI/UX, Website, Design, Development

Time: 2 Weeks


Sound Cartel Studios is an award-winning Recording Studio and Music Production Facility, located in Detroit, Michigan. When they changed their name and moved their business operations to a new facility, they sought out our help redefining their Branding, developing their new website, and designing Merchandise for their brand.


As with most rebranding processes, they faced a lot of challenges along the way, the first of which being that we were starting entirely from scratch, and there were no pictures of the business or the equipment they used, and no one knew they were there. With a new building, we had to build the site and optimize it to appear in the search engine results, in no time. We worked around the clock on this project, to ensure they were up and running and attracting attention locally, to get bookings! u00a0


Once we had high-quality photos of the facility, the equipment they use for their signature sound, and their team of audio experts, we began the rough framing of the site, and deciding on the appropriate layout, to attract the most clients. Once we had approval from their team, we began developing what we had designed, and adding interactivity to the site, to give it it’s own unique aesthetic appeal.
We designed various types of Merchandise for them to sell on their site, or at their studio, and built them a webstore to be able to sell their merchandise, and music, as well.


When we first partnered together, we had a few basic goals in place, that we needed to fulfill. We needed to establish their digital presence, attract visitors in-person and online from the determined Target Market, and in-turn, convert those visitors into sales, and ultimately, happy, returning customers.u00a0

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Artifice Photography & Design was founded in late 2019 by Matt McCauley. Matt’s knowledge of Business Management combined with his experience in Design, equip Artifice Photography & Design to serve small business owners through purpose-driven Brand & Web Design – creating a visual foundation for your small businesses success.


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